LERN Herstory
LERN Herstory

Mission Statement


What is LERN Herstory?

We are LERN Herstory because we are tired of only being taught history. 

We have arrived in the 21st century led by patriarchal societies for the better part of the last two millennia. It has come time, and the change has been gaining momentum as women have fought and continue to fight in order to gain back many of the rights previously afforded only to men.

That is why we are LERN: We believe that Legalization, Education, Regulation, and Normalization are means by which we can shift the cultural paradigm in which we live. We have been far out of societal equilibrium for far too long, at the cost not just of human civilisation, but of our planet Earth, too. We believe the future is feminine.

We came together initially as an association in order to create a conference introducing this web platform. This platform has been created to disseminate scientific information through the means of storytelling. We see information as a precious asset, and in the 21st century, it is of the utmost importance that people are able to think critically about our circumstances and reality. Storytelling is a way of engaging everyone and making information relatable in order for it to be more easily digested. 

The idea behind the conference was to showcase women in leadership roles in Cannabis or ancillary industries to share their stories, so that we may learn from their successes and failures as to how to survive and thrive in this and other STEM industries. However, in lieu of a conference, our organization will instead commit to the intentions enumerated below.

1) Build our Sheopolis

It has been shown that a woman’s network is vital to her ability to thrive in business; therefore, we’ll be supporting our community in building our vast networks to enable us to empower, teach, and provide guidance for each other.

2) Ensure diversity and social equity in the workplace

The Cannabis industry, like any STEM industry, has become overrun with men; yet diversity generates higher invention rates and a higher corresponding ROI. We will be campaigning for obtaining equal seats for women on Boards of Directors.

3) Preserve the integrity of nature

There are often so many restrictions and regulations surrounding the cultivation, processing, and distribution of Cannabis, due to its status as a Controlled Substance, that it’s hard to consider how to work environmental conscientiousness into one’s Business Plan and Plans of Operation. 

We will offer easy approaches to integrate environmental sustainability and conscientiousness into the growth and operations of one’s company.

4) Ensure diversity in the conference rooms

Female activists have been the drivers behind the legalization movement, due in most part to the role women played in demanding Cannabis products for their sick children. Now, these same women are being largely left out of the regulatory decision-making processes and many of them have been imprisoned globally for low level non-violent (i.e., victimless) substance-related “crimes”. 

We will urge conference organizers to include 50% females in their speaker line-up for every speaking event held in Europe.


5) Focus on Women's Health

There are almost as many cannabinoid receptors in female reproductive system as there are in the human brain. Thus, it is of vital importance to understand this and more when tackling the issue of women’s health as well as how Cannabis can play a role in women’s reproductive and overall health and well-being.  

We will disseminate the studies concerning our own specificity as well as communicate how to integrate Cannabis into one’s diet. We want to support other women in reconciling with our herbal repertoire and functional medicine.