LERN Herstory
LERN Herstory

Our Story

The Idea

LERN Herstory is a name we have chosen with care. LERN has two meanings; it is the imperative of the word, 'lernen', meaning 'to learn', so it stands for: "You! Learn!" Next, it is an acronym for: Legalization, Education, Regulation, Normalization. Herstory is the complement to history because we think there is more than one side to every story, and we believe that/those side(s) deserve a platform, as well. 

And since we have been led by patriarchal societies for the better part of the last two millennia, we think it's time to learn herstory because we've spent long enough learning only history. We have arrived in the 21st century, and our world is in the midst of the 6th largest mass extinction in ourstory, and the human species on the brink of becoming extant on an inhabitable planet, as well.

It has come time, and the change has been gaining momentum through the 20th century as women have fought/continue to fight to gain back many of the rights previously afforded only to men (e.g., the right to vote, the right to attend university, the right to practice medicine, the right to work, the right to divorce, etc.) to gain equality in the eyes of human civilization. It is no coincidence the as the planet is on the brink of disaster, women are rising up to take their places of power back in society; we have been far out of societal equilibrium for far too long. We believe the future is feminine.

This, too, coincides with the climate strikes and the massive drug law reform movement. If drugs were legal, 80% of women in prison worldwide would have back their freedom. Women are rising up to protect our Earth Mother, too, because Gaia is showing her anger evermore with the increasingly erratic weather patterns. If we do not disrupt the current paradigms under which we organize ourselves - and expediently - it has been estimated by scientists that the coral reefs will be dead in 12 years or less and our planet entirely uninhabitable by 2050. That is a dismal forecast.

In the hopes of preserving and restoring Earth for the hope of a viable future on this planet, we seek to share herstories in order to empower, teach, and provide guidance and support to all who wish to broaden their perspectives, look at new/old information in new ways, and contribute to the platform with theirstory, as well.