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Disseminating Science Through Storytelling - A Path to STEM Education

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Breaking Convention UK 2019


LERN Herstory will be at the Breaking Convention in the UK in two weeks. Check out why psychedelic science and culture is so important to us as well as why we hope to engage more people in exploring their consciousness and our reality.

Statement to the UNODC/INCB at the 62nd CND at the UN

Young Cannabis plants for retail in Italy.

As a Cannabis community, we have reached and surpassed several legislative milestones in recent years. To continue this momentum, it is important to change minds at the level of international governance, as well. This means we must make a push for more widespread, affordable, and accessible STEM education.

The Inadequacy of Our Current Cannabis Lexicon

Cannabis building materials in action. Several layers of different forms of processed Cannabis.

Not only must it be frustrating for consumers, but it is practically stymying for industry professionals to have to work with a Cannabis lexicon that uses so many inappropriate, obscure, and misapplied terms. What can we do to adapt and evolve?

LERN Herstory Presents at Cannatrade 2019

We hope you enjoy our presentation, wherein we discuss the feminine and women's empowerment. 

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